Exterior Painting at Nava's Painting

Exterior PaintingWhen it comes to exterior painting, there are many issues that come into play that wouldn’t otherwise be a problem for interior painting, such as weather-proofing and surface finishes. This is why it is important to hire a painter who specializes in exterior work. Wood may expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity, making more uneven surfaces to work on. Also, it is harder to take on a paint job when it is rainy outside. At Nava's Painting, our skilled exterior painter is good at telling when weather might be a potential issue and are prepared for any cover up or rework that may need to be done before or afterwards.

Painting a home’s exteriors also requires more preparation because you are dealing with a surface that has endured the harsh seasons. Because of this, there may be specific wear and tear that must be taken care of before one begins painting. Other environmental factors such as insects, dirt, algae, and warping must be taken into consideration as well. Our trained painters will sand the exterior of your home or office space, scrape off loose paint or fix paint chips and possibly use chemical stripping removal methods. To make sure these services are done carefully and correctly, get in touch with our painting company for professional house painting services.

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